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  Are you a law firm or an accounting firm?
  No, we are consultants and do not render legal or accounting advice. If you need a referral to a licensed accountant or attorney in your area, we may be able to assist you.
  How much do you charge?
  We charge a fee based upon the amount of savings achieved for you. We are paid only if the creditor agrees to accept a reduction of the balance owed. If we don’t achieve a reduction, our service is free.
  Do I have to pay for long distance telephone, postage, copies or other expenses you incur on my behalf?
  No. There are no other additional charges.
  What are some of the benefits I might get from a negotiated debt resolution?
  More money saved, avoidance of litigation costs, faster resolution, lower interest rates on borrowed funds, better credit scoring, avoidance of bankruptcy, more time to work on your core business, less stress, creating a bridge to a better time for your business, keeping your business alive, increase in cash flow, improved balance sheet and income statement, and protection of your business or personal assets.
  What’s the downside to using this service?
  There isn’t one. Our service is free unless we get results for you.
  Is this like the credit card debt services I see advertised on television?
  No. Most of these companies merely get the interest rate reduced and then repackage the balances into a single payment for a fee. We negotiate to get the principal reduced as much as possible. Big difference.
  What if I still need to do business with one of the creditors?
  In some cases, we’ve been able to keep open or reestablish important credit facilities even after the creditor has taken a reduction on the balance owed.
  What happens if the creditor won’t agree to a reduction?
  Our track record suggests that this rarely occurs. If it does happen, you’re exactly where you started and you owe us nothing.
  What if I don’t have enough money to pay the creditor today?
  Payments plans may be negotiated. You also may have non-cash assets that can be turned into cash.
  When is the best time to get started?
  Now. These situations usually get worse with each passing month because additional late fees, interest charges as well as collector or attorneys’ fees often can exceed the original principal balance if left unchecked. Each layer of collector expects to be paid, potentially increasing your cost to settle the matter. Take control of the situation by getting started now.
  My situation seems desperate. Can you help me no matter where I am in the debt collection process?
  Yes. Few situations are as bad as they seem. You may be surprised by what we can do.
  Couldn’t I get the same results doing this alone?
  Probably not. First, we are professional debt negotiators and this is what we do every day. Second, each time you communicate directly with the creditor, you are giving the creditor a great opportunity to discover a reason not to reduce the debt. For example, some creditors will ask you for information to which they are not entitled, make improper threats, etc.—all of which are pretty difficult to combat if you are asking for a reduction but refusing to provide the requested information.

As an unrelated third party, we get past the games that creditors play. We also stay on top of current regional and national market conditions and industry trends and use that information to gain an advantage for our clients.

We create a custom strategy for your specific situation.

We put our knowledge, experience and our proprietary Custom Tailored Approach to work for you.

  What if I personally guaranteed the business debt?
  Don’t worry, this happens all the time. We can still help.
  Can you guarantee success?
  No. That’s why we have no charge if we are unsuccessful. Anyone who guarantees what a particular creditor will do isn’t telling you the truth.
  Can you stop the creditor from calling or writing us?
  That’s one of our first objectives.
  What do you think about bankruptcy as an alternative?
  The decision about whether to seek bankruptcy protection should be made in careful consultation with your legal counsel. That said, businesses that usually seek our services prefer to avoid bankruptcy for philosophical or customer relations reasons or because it doesn’t make financial sense. In addition, filing for bankruptcy may have an immediate impact on suppliers and other creditors with whom you don’t have a problem, future extensions of credit and the loss of business opportunities with entities that prohibit deals with bankrupt businesses.

As an independent third party, we often see solutions you don’t simply because you are too close to the problem.

You can have a clear conscience using debt negotiation because the creditor’s agreement is required to approve a deal. The creditor will do a deal only if it that makes sense to the creditor.

Remember, bankruptcy does have a real cost. Your credit file will look as if a bomb exploded in it.

If you’re looking for a reason not to file bankruptcy, a bankruptcy attorney is not the one to ask!

  How do I know you’ll use your best efforts?
  Because we are compensated based upon the amount of money that we save you, our interests are the same as yours: to get the debt reduced as much as possible. We don’t stop until we’re sure we’ve negotiated the best possible deal.
  Will the creditor know that we used “BusinessDebtElimination.com”?
  No. All communications to creditors from our office are issued only by our organization's name: Fintrust, L.P.
  How do you make sure that the debt is really settled and that the creditor won’t come back for more later?
  We insist that every creditor sign and return a full and complete release when receiving money. In cases involving liens, abstracted judgments and other documents filed in public records, we also insist on receiving original releases for recording as appropriate. There are no extra charges for these services.
  How long does this take?
  It depends. If you need a lien removed to close on a commercial real estate deal next week, we’ll work to get a deal done by the deadline. Our custom tailored approach to each client includes consideration of the timing of events and the needs of each client. For most clients, negotiations can be completed in 4 weeks or less.
  How do I get started?
  Contact us for a free consultation. If we each decide it’s a good fit, we’ll send you a short engagement agreement and get started in a time frame that works for you.

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